Accident and Health

Travel Insurance

AIG's travel insurance offers protection and assistance for unexpected situations while traveling. Coverage includes trip cancellations, delays, lost baggage, emergency medical expenses, and personal accidents. Customizable policies are available for individual, family, student, business, and adventure travel. Get peace of mind and financial protection while exploring the world.

Individual Personal Accident (FLEXPAC)

The Flexpac policy is a Personal Accident cover that provides financial protection due to accidental injury, disability, or death. It includes medical expenses and a lump-sum payment for permanent disability or accidental death. Protect yourself and your loved ones with AIG's accident coverage.

Group Personal Accident

GPA is taken out by employers for benefit of employees or by an organization for the benefit of its members. It gives compensation for death, permanent disability, temporary loss of income due to disablement, and medical expenses arising from an accident.

Hospital Cash

Hospital cash provides coverage for daily hospital expenses when a member is hospitalized due to sickness or an accident. A cash benefit is provided starting from the third day of being admitted, with waiting periods applicable. This coverage enables individuals to pay for hospitalization costs and focus on their recovery without financial worries.

Student Personal Accident

AIG's Student Personal Accident insurance is tailored to provide financial protection for primary, secondary, and university/college students against the risk of accidents. The coverage is available to both individuals and educational institutions to help mitigate the financial consequences of accidents. This policy offers peace of mind to students and their families, ensuring they are protected from unforeseen circumstances.