About AIG Kenya

About AIG


AIG traded as Chartis in Kenya and other parts of the world – apart from the US – until November, 2012.  This rebrand marked a new era for us, ushering in a new brand promise: “Bring on tomorrow”, which underscores our tremendous tenacity and ambition – to solve problems, to innovate for the benefit of our clients, and to act as a powerful, global team.

The slogan communicates our optimism. We are excited about tomorrow, and we want to build a better future for our customers, for ourselves, and for communities around the world. We are focused on our spirit of inventiveness – demonstrated in our investment in technology and in our work to capture and analyse the vast amounts of data we handle every day.

The AIG brand affirms the significance of our originality as one of the world’s leading insurance companies. Our name and identity convey a continued commitment to earn customer trust through continual innovation and efficient service.

We are focused on developing new products and managing risk, based on insights derived from our expansive geographical reach. Innovation and Exceptional Service
Guided by a focused vision, solemn cultural principles and sharp business acumen, we have managed to build a firm foundation for sustainable growth leveraged on world-class products and customer service.

We believe that innovation and exceptional service delivery do not happen by default. Through years of experience and dedication, we have built a customer-focused product generation, distribution and an excellent claims service.

Around the world

AIG is a global market leader and has one of the largest general insurance organisations in the world. We serve more than 70 million commercial and consumer clients worldwide, including 98% of the Fortune 500, 97% of the Fortune 1,000, and 90% of the Fortune Global 500.
We have the largest network of any insurance organisation in the world. We are in far more places, with far more offerings, than any competitor. We operate in 90+ countries around the world, serving more than 88 million clients. Our company also has market-leadership positions in North America, Asia, and Europe, with established and growing positions in Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa

In Kenya

Formerly known as Chartis Kenya – and Alico earlier – we have operated locally since 1972, growing to become a market leader in general insurance countrywide. All quite often we have been cited in industry surveys as being the best in product innovation and claims settlement service.
We are a majority-owned subsidiary of AIG Inc, while the minority shareholding is held by Commercial Bank of Africa. We offer a wide range of products and risk management services to both commercial and consumer markets.


To be the world’s first-choice provider of insurance and financial services. We will create unmatched value for our customers, colleagues, business partners and shareholders as we contribute to the growth of sustainable, prosperous communities.


People: Develop diverse talent. Reward excellence.
Customer Focus: Anticipate their priorities. Exceed their expectations.
Performance: Be accountable. Manage risks. Deliver AIG’s strength.
Integrity: Work honestly. Enhance AIG’s reputation.
Respect: Value all colleagues. Collaborate with one another.
Entrepreneurship: Seize opportunities. Innovate for and with customers.